Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beat Drink Spiking with 2 Love My Lips

Your lipgloss just got a little more sophisticated with the introduction of 2 Love My Lips lip gloss and their ingenious little litmus tests that will tell you when your drink has been tampered with. Kiss drink spiking goodbye with South Africa’s latest lip gloss range. This awesome beauty product is now available in South Africa.

The UK-based company is now distributing their clever little product in South Africa. The Lip gloss allows you to look glamorous and be safe at the same time as each lipgloss comes with 2 spike detector strips. The 2 Love My Lips drink spiking detector test strips, packaged with the lip glosses, are the most straight forward way to test a beverage for drink-spiking drugs. Simply drop some of the suspicious beverage onto the two testing areas on the strip, wait a minute, and if either side has changed to bright blue, your drink has been spiked. If not feel free to drink your beverage worry-free.

The 2 Love My Lips range offers 5-in-1 products which not only protect you from would-be rapists but also promotes fresh breath (it's min-scented), plumps, moisturises, and provides a long-lasting non-sticky lip colour. Indulge in one of their 5 colours - Charismatic Cherry, Beautiful Pink, Sophisticated Coffee, Passionate Pink, or Posh Gloss.

The lip gloss retails at R129.95 and is available online as well as at selected places locally. Capetonians can find the lipgloss at the Pepper Club as well as at selected Sorbet Salons. You can also buy a pack of 5 or 10 drink spike tests separately. For stockists call 011 202 7940.


  1. These are just so cute and such a great idea to have the drink spike tests included when you purchase the lipgloss. I ordered the Beautiful Pink online this week and am eagerly awaiting its arrival!

  2. I know! I love it so much. Enjoy your gloss when you get it :)